Need a piece to match your walls or floors perfectly? Want paper flowers to hang from your ceiling? Something that compliments your favorite vase? Wishing for an abstract that says oh so much more than just "hello I was purchased at World Market"? I am into whatever idea you've got bumbling around in your head; shoot me and email and we can discuss colors, spacing, size, and price points- would love to hear form you! (You can shoot me an email through the contact tab.)

It is helpful if you are able to show me photos, color palates,  or anything that will help me get a feel for the vision you are trying to achieve. However, please keep in mind that I am unable to completely replicate any previous work exactly- each work is an individual original.

Commissions are painted  on  1.5 inch deep stretched canvas (custom framing options available) or on Canson fine art stock paper.

Commissions are an additional 10% to the standard prices.

*A single revision is included for each commissioned. Additional changes will merit a fee.

Standard Prices: (Custom Sizes also Available):

24" x 24" - $518

22" x 30" - $594

24" x 36" - $777

30" x 30"- $810

30" x 40" - $1,080

30" x 42" - $1,134

36" x 36"- $1,166

40" x 40" - $1,440

36" x 48" - $1,555

48" x 48" - $2,073

48" x 60" - $2,592

60" x 60"- $3,240

72" x 60"- $3,888

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