So here's the rundown...

Maggie Macdonald is a Painter, Printmaker,  Ceramicist, Calligrapher, Muralist and surface designer based in Spartanburg, SC. She began painting at age four with her  grandmother in the basement art studio of her California home, and hasn't stopped since. Some of her earliest memories are of playing in the waves of the west coast shoreline, the sand, the sun, the sea surrounded by nothing but miles and miles of vast blue waters. At the age of 11 Maggie Moved to south Carolina were she began to hone her skills and participate in various art classes through out Highschool, while always working on projects of her own. During this time she also worked as a stationery Designer for WritefullyHis for two years and as the Signage and Display Designer at Brown roof Thrift and Coffee for a year. After Graduating HIghschool she ,along with her mother who is also a Textile Artist,  opened a small Artisan boutique in Downtown Spartanburg which features all local  handmade and one of a kind items. She is now studying at Converse College and hopes to graduate in The Spring of 2019 with a BFA in Studio Art.


"The lapping of the sea against the rocks, the soles of my feet burning against the hot sand, the warm summer breeze rustling the leaves of palms, and the crash of ocean waves against my board. These are the memories of my childhood. The cheerful coast of Southern California is where I grew up. It’s a place which will always have my heart and therefore will always influence my works. The light and bright atmosphere of San Diego is an essence not easily captured, but it is my intent to do so. It is my wish to bring the simple and joyous aspects of my upbringing into tangible works that can be experience and enjoyed even miles from the beloved place they represent. My paintings and prints are born through a intermingling of natural subjects such as the ocean waves and the power of the rushing water and air. Bold strokes and intense colors within my body of work enable me to create works that represent these elements.  It is my desire that the art I create brings people a sense of calm, joy, happiness and for some even nostalgia. My love of the ocean and of surfing creates an underlying drive in my creative pursuits. This marriage of my passions has allowed me to create works that represent who I am to the core. It is my hope that my art would represent my homeland well and provide a physical documentation of the place where my spirit and soul reside, the West Coast. I'm not good with being organized or with walking in a straight line or being on time and honestly my grammar could be a lot better. My hair is tangled a solid 73% of the time and my clothes- all covered in paint. I'm a terrible driver and I dance like a chicken with two left feet (because lets be honest no number of YouTube tutorials really helps). But to be honest none of that really matters because when I'm painting I'm back in the ocean floating in the water, inhaling the salted air and exhaling shades of blue. I am an Artist, and honestly that is enough; 

I wouldn't want to be anything else."