"There's More Here" Show Catalog

"There's More Here" Show Catalog


This catalog is a complete overview of the Exhibition “There’s More Here”.

This collection of works began while studying Women’s Art History under the guidance of Dr. De Armendi at Converse College. I was shocked by the number of women, who despite their incredible work and contributions to the arts, were not part of mainstream art vocabulary. Why is it that I, as a woman artist, am now discovering these women for myself? It has since become my passion to study everything about these artists of strength, dignity, and resilience who’s talents, in my opinion, in several cases, far out weight those of their male counterparts. As I considered these women and their contributions, I felt so inspired by them and furthermore thankful, so so thankful. I feel thankful because not only am I free and encouraged to pursue a career in art professionally, but I am able to do so with much less social stipulation or expectations telling me my “proper” place in society as a woman.

I have selected some of my favorite artists from the past and created works to celebrate their life and their legacy. Some of them gained recognition during their lifetimes, whereas several died before they were appropriately “discovered”. Some of them thrived artistically during their time on this earth, others spent tireless hours struggling to scrape by, but nonetheless each has a story. A story that I found worthy of a celebration. So in celebration of concluding this chapter of collegiate studies in my life and in joyous salute to these women,  I have decided to throw a party. Welcome to the party!

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